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Nov 25, 2012 1:00am EST
-president. that is how she made her neighbor across but still better than john mccain even with hillary of all the debate the questions going to obama were so softball that hillary clinton was asked incredibly complicated policy questions for the moderate asks obama if you will like another parallel. [laughter] that was a fair summary. the only standing thing is not how poorly obama's did in that is as good as the emperor was. [applause] if john mccain had been on the stage a with him we would have long faces this week. it was how magnificent mitt romney was in the first time obama had to face a tough opponent. his whole life as he says look calm and don't make fast moves he was smoking pot at occidental university not applying himself and can transfer to a premier university in america, colombia, from there you walk into harvard law school and president of the law review then president for two weeks and wins the nobel peace prize? [laughter] this was the first test that he faced and he did not do so well. you see that with stacy negative. they spend so much time fawning over black nine entities like my
Nov 24, 2012 8:45am EST
miltown was upon us and john mccain was decided to suspend his campaign, his decision to do so came as a result of a meeting he had with his economic advisor team. all of these work big corporate donors. romney was among them. all of those guys basically said take it. take whatever bush is offering. this small town expand. the next day, and facts and romney went on the today show and said, yeah, i support it. that's one thing. he has not modified his support of tart. if they're is a president romney and if there continues difficulties with the banks, then under those circumstances, yes, there could be a recipe for more regulation. >> what impact, if any, do you think that the changes in california and their method for electing congressional representatives will have? >> are you referring to the redistricting? >> yes. democrat versus democrat, republican versus republican in their system of electing. >> if i am understanding your right, you are referring to -- now there was a kind of bipartisan commission that redesigned -- that did the redistricting. now, i actually did a story for
Nov 25, 2012 6:00pm EST
: one is, what else is going on in the world at the time. john mccain made a comment about, you know, asked a requested about what to do in iran. send a message, a bomb, obviously, and he said bomb, bomb, bomb iran, and it was a three day wander. you know, few people remember that. a lot of coverage, but a lot of those things happened in the world at a time, and it was crowded out, and and no one carried it on. i compare that to hillary clinton's statement about being under fire in bosnia. repeated that time after time after time until the media said, well, is it true? they pulled up the pictures of her greeted in the airport by a little girl with flowers and the general on the ground said, no, there was not any fire, and then the obama people started to feed the media saying, you might want to look at her credibility on these things issue and it was so dramatic that, you know, we don't like people to lie to us, and, you know, this is about as close as a presidential can bat obama looking at fellow democrats saying she lied to us. that underminded what was going on. who else is pushi
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3